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Fully managed. Done-for-You. After setup fee you only pay per Booked Appointment. No Contracts. Pause and Restart campaigns. Guaranteed Service.

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What is Leads Inc?

We are a lead generation agency that uses highly personalized cold email to target your perfect lead profile, with the sole intention of booking appointments on your behalf for your sales team to close.

Why Use a Lead Gen Agency?
Our service offers a positive return on investment (ROI). This is because you get a team that specializes in lead generation. The fact that you are reading this is proof of that. You get a team, not a single employee. We have technical people, a support team, account managers, copywriters, etc. You don't need to hire a team internally, train your team, create the systems for that team, and then pay multiple salaries. Instead, delegate your lead generation to Leads Inc and watch your booked appointments roll in.
After Setup Only Pay for Booked Appointments.
We Guarantee Results.
Fully Managed DFY Campaigns. Sit Back & Let us Work.
Pause & Restart Campaigns as Your Needs Change.
Constant KPI Performance Optimization on Campaigns.
Real-time Support. Speak to us via Slack or WhatsApp.
“Email is almost 40 times more effective at securing customers compared to social media.”
Source: McKinsey

Our Service

Our approach to your cold email and appointment-setting campaign is to position your offer in the best possible light, based on experience, feedback, and data, so that we can achieve the best ROI Positive outcome for you.

Understanding Your Target Audience

We identify your best target audience, exploring their needs, interests, and behaviors. This helps us tailor compelling messaging to engage them, increase responses, and boost sales.

Crafting an Irresistible Offer

Packaging your offer into something irresistible creates a compelling value proposition. It resonates with your audience, increases perceived value, and differentiates you from competitors, attracting more leads and sales.

Engaging with a Unique Angle

Finding the right angle communicates your service’s unique value, capturing attention, trust, and credibility, while setting your brand apart from competitors.

Connecting Through Audience Insights

Identifying pain points, fears, dreams, and goals helps us understand motivations and tailor strategies that resonate, building stronger connections for effective results.

Matching Offer to Audience Awareness

We speak your audience’s language, comprehending their needs and desires. This builds trust, credibility, and increases engagement by effectively communicating your product’s benefits.

Optimizing through Data-Driven Testing

Testing different angles based on data identifies resonating strategies. This optimization improves engagement, conversions, and maximizes return on investment for better outcomes.

Highly-targeted and personalized cold outreach is cheaper and FAR more predictable than paid advertising. Also more profitable and guaranteed.

Professional and efficient service. We saw a significant increase in leads working with these guys. They booked 15 appointments for us in our 2nd month with them and 9 of those converted into new revenue.

Mason Williams Chief Marketing Officer

Amazing job! The team at LeadsInc helped us book a higher-than-expected number of appointments, thus increasing our revenue by a decent margin. They are now one of our primary sales-enablement partners. Highly recommended.

Mia Nguygen Chief Revenue Officer

I was skeptical at first, but this agency exceeded expectations. It became clear during our initial call that they know what they're talking about and this was proven when they started our campaign. Bookings came in quickly and the results so far are stellar.

Ethan Brown Senior Project Manager

Our business was struggling to get new clients, but working with John and the folks at Leads Inc helped us maintain a full calendar. I also love the fact that they generate their own sales by doing exactly what they do for us. Thank you!

Oliver Reynolds Sales Director

Our Process

We’ll get on a call to determine if we’re a match for your needs. We’ll also hear about your business, campaign needs, and answer any questions you may have.
If we’re a match and you’re happy to move forward we’ll issue an invoice for account setup.
As soon as payment reflects, we’ll start with your campaign. You’ll be notified of our progress along the way.
Booked Appointments will be sent to your team via Slack where your sales team can take over and proceed to close your new lead.

Are We A Match?

We typically work with companies matching the following criteria. Don’t match these? Book a call today and let’s see if we can help.

  • You have a great offer that’s already proven to convert.
  • You have case studies we can leverage.
  • You have a customer LTV (Life Time Value) of $2,500+.
  • Your monthly revenue is around $50,000.
  • You have a good understanding of your target audience.

You're in Good Hands

No monthly lead limits

We’ll target as many leads as we deem feasible to deliver stellar results for you.

Campaigns can be paused

You can pause your campaign and restart it when you’re ready. This might happen when you are at capacity and when trying to take on more clients could result in degraded service delivery. 

Ongoing campaign optimization

We continuously split-test every aspect of your campaign which is our process of optimizing for improved results. 


We will assist with consultation and guidance if required on things like refining your niche, your offer, or your messaging. 

Only pay afterward

After our setup fee, you only pay for booked calls after we deliver them to your sales team and they are booked into your calendar. 

Results are Guaranteed

If we don’t book at least 30 appointments for you in the first 3 months we’ll work for free until you have 40 appointments in your calendar.


The average annual cost in 2023 of hiring a small team of 3 sales development reps (SDRs) and 1 sales manager is $333,000, which translates to $27,750 per month.
Source: ZipRecruiter and


If you're a satisfied customer and receive enough booked calls, we consider our campaign successful. In addition, all campaigns are always optimized to improve results. For this reason, almost any campaign can become successful. It's simply a matter of constant testing, optimization, and getting feedback from you.

We collect the necessary information from you based on the lead profiles that have previously purchased your service or offer. We also look at the exact lead profile for your specific niche and industry.

Once we connect with these leads, we continuously analyze and optimize various campaign success indicators. Once we have your campaign results optimized, we can start scaling to massively improve your booking rate.

Results may vary, but we usually see the first positive responses within a few days and very often within the first few hours. Please note that each campaign requires a minimum 2-week warm-up period for the domains/IPs we'll use. The actual sending can only start after this process.

Domain warm-up is a process of gradually increasing email volume to a new domain over several days or weeks to establish a positive sending reputation with mailbox providers.

We usually aim to book at least 15 calls per month for your business, but we have had campaigns where we have achieved over 100 bookings per month.

Remember that the first two weeks are used for campaign setup, research and warm up. After those two weeks, the first bookings will start rolling in. Once we begin outreach, we closely monitor the results to optimize and scale as needed to ensure continuous improvement of your campaign. We do this until we reach the maximum performance of the campaign.

We also guarantee that if we don't book at least 30 calls/appointments for you in the first three months, we'll work for free until we have delivered on our commitments.

We are always available in Slack, where you can communicate directly with us and ask any questions you have. We will also post any updates about your campaign there. This is also where you'll get detailed information about all the calls you've booked. Booked calls will also be added to your calendar.

You can pause your campaign for 30 days. After 30 days you'll be required to pay a setup fee to start a new campaign.

This is because we can only maintain the cost of campaign related assets for so long while not earning an income from that campaign. 

During our call, we’ll learn about your business, your product, and your offer. We’ll learn most of what we need during this call.

During onboarding, you’ll be required to complete a form where you’ll furnish us with the information required for your campaign and your ideal lead profile.

This is all we’ll need to start your campaign. We’ll also be available on Slack where we’ll handle all campaign-related communication.

After payment, you’ll go through a simple onboarding process where we’ll collect some information from you regarding your campaign. Everything we need will be collected in this way. You’ll also be added to a Slack room where we can communicate whenever required. This is also where you’ll receive real-time notifications on any booked appointments we’ve scheduled for your team.

We work exclusively on B2B campaigns.

Contact Us

Have a General Enquiry?

Speak to one of our experts at:


John Rowe

Founder / CEO

About LeadsInc

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, we know what it takes to get results. Our journey started with cold email – a strategy that helped us gain the majority of our marketing clients. We then decided to share our success with others and offer our services to businesses looking to expand their reach.

Over the years, we’ve sent millions of cold emails and have seen firsthand how effective this strategy can be. Our CEO, John, is passionate about helping others succeed and believes that by helping others, we can all grow together.

As specialists in B2B marketing, we understand the unique challenges that come with targeting other businesses. That’s why we’ve honed our skills and developed a cold email service that’s specifically tailored to B2B marketing agencies, B2B productized services, and B2B SaaS.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we’re here to help. Let us help you reach new heights with our proven cold email strategies. Contact us today to learn more!

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